Know About Various Types of Disposable Gloves And Shoe Covers

Know About Various Types of Disposable Gloves And Shoe Covers


We are offering different types of disposable gloves online at a very low price such as HM Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Surgical Hand Gloves, and Latex Examination Hand Gloves, etc. Disposable Gloves protect your hands and environment from contaminants, chemicals, and different perils. Different types of plastic hand gloves made from different types of material such as Nitrile Non-Powder, Synthetic Rubber, LDPE, PE Material, etc.

These types of gloves are designed as per the established industry standards and are highly demanded by the customers. Generally, disposable gloves widely used in utilized for hand assurance in therapeutic, criminological, logical, car, sustenance administration, cleaning, and mechanical applications.

Disposable Gloves provide complete protection to the hand and are known to be highly durable. We provide an ideal solution for protection from bacteria, viruses and other contagious elements in the air. And we also offer various sizes, patterns, specifications and are stored in hygienic conditions.

Latex Examination Hand Gloves:

Latex Examination hand gloves are made from premium quality Latex Rubber material which is available in two types for powder-free and with powder. Buy Latex Examination gloves online on our website and used to surgical operation, medical applications, therapeutic, food industry, etc. Latex powder free surgical hand gloves have excellent tear and mold to the hand very well. Latex gloves also resist many chemicals and have a long shelf life. Latex glove with powder assists with durable and easy to wearing of the gloves. This gloves available in varied sizes and can also be customized in accordance with the requirements of the customers.

Surgical Hand Gloves:

Surgical Hand Gloves offer dexterity, enhances comfort and flexibility. They are available in two types with powder and without powder. It is disposable and sterile gloves. Buy surgical gloves online in India at a very affordable price from Gujarat Shopee which is used in the hospital during the operations, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, research labs, etc. Hygienic powder-free surgical hand gloves are sophistically fabricated using quality latex so that ensure comfort and safety while long hour operations.

Vinyl Gloves:

If you are doing food business or other similar business and you want to protect your hands from bacteria, dust or harmful chemical so then you can buy disposable vinyl gloves online at a very reasonable cost which is used in the food industry, chemical industry and many more. Our vinyl disposable gloves have loose and less costly compared to latex or nitrile disposable gloves. Generally, vinyl gloves far less durable and have a shorter lifespan.

Nitrile Gloves:

Buy Disposable Nitrile gloves online in India and it is used to household purpose, commercial purpose, surgical purpose, etc. generally nitrile gloves are made from premium quality synthetic rubber material which is extraordinary security against punctures, cuts, and obstacles. It is Lightweight, durable and superior breathable & comfortable. Generally nitrile gloves available in different colors such as sky blue, violet-blue, cobalt blue, etc.

Plastic Shoe Cover:

Generally, plastic shoe covers are used in a protected area to prevent dust or other harmful bacteria on shoes from contamination. Buy Disposable Plastic Shoe Covers online from Gujarat Shopee and used to various places such as the Pharmaceutical industry, Hospitals, Food Industry, office, chemical industries, etc. Our plastic shoe covers helpful to minimize human body discharges to sensitive devices. Disposable Shoe covers provide the main feature, which is a conductive strip inserted into the shoe so that provides efficient grounding path floor. It is slip-resistant coating, so which minimizes the risk of slipping on wet floors.

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