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Disposable respirators are a critical piece of protective equipment for workers or people working in hazardous environments. They protect from inhaling harmful dust particles, smoke, fumes, mists, gases, sprays, vapours, chemicals, aerosols and other airborne contaminants that are a great risk to respiratory health.

Particulate Disposable Respirators

These are the simplest, least protective and least expensive types of respirators used. Particulate respirators protect against airborne particles like dust, mist and fumes but don’t offer any form of protection against airborne contaminants like gases, chemicals and vapours. They do not protect against gases. Commonly known as P1, P2, P3 or N-95 filtering facepiece respirators or dust masks, they are designed for a very close facial fit and are often used widely in healthcare facilities, construction and metal fabrication industries. They work by purifying particles in the air as you breath. The difference in these particulate respirators are as follows:

Surgical Masks– designed to prevent exposure of patients to the wearer’s saliva Folding P2 Disposable Safety Masksand respiratory secretions. Do not protect against particle or chemical exposure.
P1 rated respirators– retain about 80% of particles smaller than 2 micrometres. Protects against low levels of dust.
P2 rated respirators– retain about 94% of particles smaller than 0.5 micrometre. Protect against mechanically generated particles, but also protect against mists, fumes and vapours arising from jobs such as welding, spraying, painting and garden dusting.
P3 rated respirators– retain about 99.95% of particles smaller than 0.5Protects against dusts containing: beryllium, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, radium, strychnine, radioactive particles.
N95 rated respirators– This mask is almost identical to the P2 rated masks, however the N95 classification means the mask complies with USA testing requirements
P2 Disposable Safety Masks

P2 respirators are appropriate for the majority of airborne precautions encountered in these industries: P2 Disposable Cupped Maskshealthcare facilities, mining industry, chemical industry, steel fabrication / metalworking industry (version with exhalation valve), and intensive woodworking industry.

Class P1 or P2 dust masks are primarily used for particle protection and WILL NOT protect against chemicals or toxic vapours such as: organic vapours from paint fumes, thinners or glue; acid fumes; or gases such as carbon monoxide from petrol engines.

They comply with the Australian NZ standard AS/NZS 1716:2012. They also comply with European testing requirements.

Folding P2 Disposable Safety Masks

Do I need a Valved P2 Disposable Respirator ?

The P2 disposable mask increase inhalation resistance. The longer they are used, the more difficult it is to breathe due to absorbed dusts. Furthermore, their effectiveness is reduced accordingly to the growth of carbon dioxide and water vapour between the half-mask bowl and face (so-called dead zone). The carbon dioxide concentration within the dead zone increases after every exhalation.

Therefore, P2 disposable respirators with non-return exhalation valves, accelerating gas circulations, are recommended in order to improve the comfort of use and improve effectiveness of the mask. The valve allows air to carbon dioxide to escape, which makes the mask safer and more comfortable to wear.

What are Activated Carbon Masks ?

P2 rated respirators are available with carbon activated filters for protection against nuisance-level organic vapours. Activated carbon, also called Activated Carbon P2 Masksactivate charcoal, is a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores that increase the surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. Activated carbon can be coated to masks in order to improve the effectiveness in reducing the pollutants.

The activated carbon layer in P2 Safety Masks absorbs offensive odours in applications involving thermally generated particles (particularly welding). It controls odours and fumes, but does not protect against gases or chemicals.


Where to buy high quality P2 Disposable Safety Masks

Smith & ARROW supply a range of valved  P2 Disposable Respirators in both black and white. Black Cupped P2 Dust MaskAll our P2 Masks are valved for additional comfort and safety. Smith & ARROW also supply both cupped and folding masks in both normal and activated carbon (charcoal). For saliva protection we also sell surgical masks in both black and white options.

Use Disposable Face Mask and Surgeon Cap to Prevent Infections

Use Disposable Face Mask and Surgeon Cap to Prevent Infections


Buy Disposable mask online at a very affordable price from Gujarat Shopee which is worn on the face so that you get to breathe only filtered air in an environment that is prone to contain contaminated air. Disposable face masks are used to prevent contamination of dangerous bacteria, paint smoke or other harmful microorganisms in the air.

Generally, Disposable face masks are made from fibrous material which is dust particles, soot, sawdust, bacteria, germs, etc. and get trapped in the mask to protect against their harmful effects.

This type of face mask widely used in health care facilities and construction sites, the face masks are usually disposable. In this face mask, the outer layer and inner layer consist of physiological soft non-woven fabric. We provide different type of face mask online such as Elastic face mask, Tie on Face mask, surgical disposable face mask, non woven beard mask , fabric surgical face mask, swine flue mask, cup mask with valve etc. all the face mask are made from premium quality 2 ply and 3 ply non woven material.

The elastic face mask is designed from very soft material that is used by health care staff for facial protection against airborne infections. It is easy to foldable and earloop. Buy surgical face mask online that is used by surgeons and doctors for covering the face when any surgical process with the patient to avoid any infections.

We offer Tie on face mask online which has uniquely designed to cover mouth and cheeks. Disposable tie-on face mask widely used in hospitals, clinics, nursing centers, etc. Tie on face mask available in eco and premium quality. And all types of face mask available by us in various size to fulfill various requirements of the customers.

We are offering excellent quality of different types of surgeon cap online to our customers such as bouffant cap, nurse cap, surgeon cap, shower cap, Mob cap, etc. The Disposable bouffant cap is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The Bouffant cap also called nurse cap. Bouffant cap widely used in the pharmaceuticals industry, hospitals, food industry, research institutes, etc. This type of cap highly demands in the markets. These types of the head cap provide by us in multiple sizes to fulfill the various requirements of the customers.

The Shower cap is made from plastic material that is tear-proof lightweight and highly durable. This premium quality shower cap widely used in hotel, restaurants, and hospitals shower area. A Disposable shower cap can be also used by men or woman to protect their hair from becoming wet.

If you have a spa, salons and catering business and you are looking for a mob cap at a very cheap price then you are in the right place. Gujarat Shopee offers disposable mob cap online at a very low price for your spa, salons, catering business. This cap could be worn quite comfortably.

Know About Various Types of Disposable Gloves And Shoe Covers

Know About Various Types of Disposable Gloves And Shoe Covers


We are offering different types of disposable gloves online at a very low price such as HM Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Surgical Hand Gloves, and Latex Examination Hand Gloves, etc. Disposable Gloves protect your hands and environment from contaminants, chemicals, and different perils. Different types of plastic hand gloves made from different types of material such as Nitrile Non-Powder, Synthetic Rubber, LDPE, PE Material, etc.

These types of gloves are designed as per the established industry standards and are highly demanded by the customers. Generally, disposable gloves widely used in utilized for hand assurance in therapeutic, criminological, logical, car, sustenance administration, cleaning, and mechanical applications.

Disposable Gloves provide complete protection to the hand and are known to be highly durable. We provide an ideal solution for protection from bacteria, viruses and other contagious elements in the air. And we also offer various sizes, patterns, specifications and are stored in hygienic conditions.

Latex Examination Hand Gloves:

Latex Examination hand gloves are made from premium quality Latex Rubber material which is available in two types for powder-free and with powder. Buy Latex Examination gloves online on our website and used to surgical operation, medical applications, therapeutic, food industry, etc. Latex powder free surgical hand gloves have excellent tear and mold to the hand very well. Latex gloves also resist many chemicals and have a long shelf life. Latex glove with powder assists with durable and easy to wearing of the gloves. This gloves available in varied sizes and can also be customized in accordance with the requirements of the customers.

Surgical Hand Gloves:

Surgical Hand Gloves offer dexterity, enhances comfort and flexibility. They are available in two types with powder and without powder. It is disposable and sterile gloves. Buy surgical gloves online in India at a very affordable price from Gujarat Shopee which is used in the hospital during the operations, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, research labs, etc. Hygienic powder-free surgical hand gloves are sophistically fabricated using quality latex so that ensure comfort and safety while long hour operations.

Vinyl Gloves:

If you are doing food business or other similar business and you want to protect your hands from bacteria, dust or harmful chemical so then you can buy disposable vinyl gloves online at a very reasonable cost which is used in the food industry, chemical industry and many more. Our vinyl disposable gloves have loose and less costly compared to latex or nitrile disposable gloves. Generally, vinyl gloves far less durable and have a shorter lifespan.

Nitrile Gloves:

Buy Disposable Nitrile gloves online in India and it is used to household purpose, commercial purpose, surgical purpose, etc. generally nitrile gloves are made from premium quality synthetic rubber material which is extraordinary security against punctures, cuts, and obstacles. It is Lightweight, durable and superior breathable & comfortable. Generally nitrile gloves available in different colors such as sky blue, violet-blue, cobalt blue, etc.

Plastic Shoe Cover:

Generally, plastic shoe covers are used in a protected area to prevent dust or other harmful bacteria on shoes from contamination. Buy Disposable Plastic Shoe Covers online from Gujarat Shopee and used to various places such as the Pharmaceutical industry, Hospitals, Food Industry, office, chemical industries, etc. Our plastic shoe covers helpful to minimize human body discharges to sensitive devices. Disposable Shoe covers provide the main feature, which is a conductive strip inserted into the shoe so that provides efficient grounding path floor. It is slip-resistant coating, so which minimizes the risk of slipping on wet floors.

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